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Setting Up A Remage Barrel for PRS

This is an old post from the black rifle blog.  As I get closer to shooting out the 260 Remington barrel I installed for my first PRS match I figured I would repost this here: For several years now I have been thinking about competing in long range practical rifle competitions.  I read a lot about the matches and the equipment involved and would tell myself that I needed a better rifle, scope, stock, etc.  I would talk myself out of trying the competitions, constantly doubting that the equipment or skills that I possessed would be adequate.  Earlier this year I decided to just go for it.  I already had a 308 rifle with a decent scope, I just needed to go out and do it!  Cheyenne Precision Rifle Match I started earlier this year by attending some local matches.  These matches involved shooting at distances from about 200 yards to 800 yards from a variety of different positions.  I did a previous match report from the Cheyenne Mountain Precision Rifle Match.  You can click on th

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