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NFA Wait Time Update March 2024

If you have purchased NFA items before, you have likely experienced a wide variety of frustrating wait times as your suppressor or SBR sits in "jail."  I have had approvals range from a 29 day Form 1 SBR to several Form 4 Suppressors in the 13 month range.  As frustrating as that has been, the ATF has recently announced that they are working to address the long wait times.  While we heard that when the e-file system came out, what has been going on for the last couple months?  Are wait times really coming down  Let's take a look at what the ATF says is changing, then let's look at some examples of recent wait times: Faster Approvals The ATF hosted a town hall meeting during which they claimed that approval times are coming down.  They referred to the dropping wait times and quick approvals as "the new normal."  Stating that the faster wait times are a direct result of a deliberate move towards more efficient approvals.  They are continuing to implement impro

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