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If you are like me, you spend a lot of time in the woods, at the range and in locations where medical attention may be slow to arrive.  It is important to have a safety plan in place when you are in a situation that could result in injury and a lack of support.  

I have a couple different first aid kits.  I have a small lightweight, basic kit that I take backpacking.  I have a MyMedic MyFAK Large for the car.  But, I also wanted a kit that was in between those sizes and was ideal for potential GSW injuries or serious lacerations, but wasn't as big as the MyFAK Large.  After talking to the folks at MyMedic I decided on the TFAK, or Trauma First Aid Kit.  

For bleeding, the TFAK includes a RATS tourniquet in a easily detached pouch, compressed gauze, an emergency pressure bandage and quick clot.  For dealing with airway trauma it includes two chest seals, a CPR shield, rubber gloves and a nasal pharyngeal airway kit.  It also includes a pack of their ZZIPS, EMT shears, a sharpie and a tool kit with a penlight, tweezers and a whistle.  See the contents spread out in the photo to the right.  

Another nice perk of purchasing from MyMedic is the video training course that they include with the kit.  While I would suggest that everyone get some basic first aid and CPR training, MyMedic offers videos that teach you how to use the equipment in their kits.

I picked this kit as a small trauma focused kit to use for the range and other activities with a higher risk for puncture or laceration wounds.  You can see in the video above that I picked the bright "inferno" color to make sure the kit is easily visible at the range or if I'm digging in the back of a car or in a pack for it.

If you want to purchase a TFAK or any other kit off of MyMedic, use code "adventure20" for 20% of your order.

If you need a first aid kit with more to offer, check out my video below for the MyFAK Large.  I carry this kit in my car for range trips, backpacking, hunting, hiking, etc.  It doesn't always go with me in a backpack, but makes a great kit for a wide variety of potential uses. 

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What do you use for your first aid kit?  Did you build your own, or buy a ready made kit? Let me know in the comment section below:


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