September Is Preparedness Month, What First Aid Kit Do You Use?

September is National Preparedness month and a great time to take a look at what preparedness means to you.  You don't have to be a prepper to want to make sure that you are ready for possible emergencies that you or your family may face.  From major national disasters, to a car accident on the way to work, to power outages due to a storm, there are many events that are easier to endure with a little prior planning.

Be prepared with the MyMedic FAK Large kit.

Depending on where you live, time of year, etc, there can be be a variety of potential emergencies that you could face.  One of the most basic pieces of equipment common to almost any emergency situation is have a quality first aid kit.  This can vary in size and complexity based on your own training, type of emergency you expect to face and the amount of time it would take emergency responders to reach you.  A first aid kit could be a few band aids and simple supplies or a large and complicated kit.

I only have some basic medical training including first aid, CPR, tourniquet and AED, so I won't be recommending specific kits or supplies for your use.  It is important that you look at your specific situation and come up with an idea of what you would need in your own kit.  I live in a rural part of Colorado, but commute to the Denver area for work.  I also try to spend a fair amount of time in the backcountry hiking, hunting and backpacking.  Many of these areas don't have cell phone service and my only options for communicating are Ham radio, or potentially a satellite messenger.  

Most of the first aid kits that I have used have been pretty simple kits that fit in a backpack and allow me to treat minor injuries.  I've been putting the kits together myself and largely guessing on what I think should go in them.  Recently I got a chance to check out a MyMedic kit that they sent me to try out.  MyMedic has a variety of kits from the fairly small and compact Solo to the My FAK Large that they sent me.  Before I go further, I did get the kit for free, they did not require me to say anything specific about it.  Also, the links that I am using are affiliate links, so if you use them to make a purchase I will get a small cut, but it doesn't change what you pay.  They also gave me the code "Adventure20" for my readers and views to save 20% off their orders.

To see what the My FAK Large kit contains, take a look at the video below:

As I mention in the video, this kit is large enough that you aren't going to be taking it in a backpack when weight is a concern, but it is great for throwing in a vehicle and being prepared for all sorts of emergencies.  

I have been looking into additional medical training, specifically courses like wilderness first aid and classes designed to teach you how to be prepared as you wait for responders in areas where that response may be delayed.  

Remember, use the code "adventure20" for 20% off your order.

What is your level of training and how do you set up your first aid kit?  Let me know in the comment section below.


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