Vortex Optics Sunslayer Hoodie Review

Getting deep into the summer and with plenty of the US in a heat wave, I was pretty excited when ExpertVoice was running a campaign for "experts" to test out the new Sun Slayer Hoodie from Vortex Optics.  Expert Voice is a company that sets up pro deals for workers in the retail industry, first responders and military veterans.  Once you are approved for the site, you have access to discounts on a variety of different companies.  Vortex Optics is one of those companies and I have used that relationship to not only test out some products free of charge, but I have also purchased several scopes and some range finding binoculars using the discounts. 

The Sun Slayer Hoodie review just happened to come shortly after a multi day backpacking trip along a couple segments of the Colorado Trail.  I was using another, slightly heavier long sleeve shirt to limit my exposure to the sun, wishing I had a shirt designed for lightweight sun protection.  Vortex Optics sent me the Sun Slayer Hoodie for free to test out and review, but did not set any limitations or guidance on what I could or should say about it.

Opening up the box, I noticed that the shirt was soft and felt comfortable, although the fabric was a little heavier than I expected.  The fabric provides a UPF 50 sun protection and Vortex states that it is not only wicking, but is an antimicrobial fabric that pulls moisture of your body while inhibiting bacteria growth.  This should help reduce the odors from repeated use.  Overall, the fabric feels comfortable and has a decent amount of stretch.

A couple other additions that I liked included the addition of thumb holes in the sleeves to maximize the coverage of your arms and hands when out in the sun.  There is also a chamois material sewn into the inside hem of the lower right portion of the shirt.  This is an interesting touch that gives you a proper cloth to wipe off sunglasses without just using the shirt itself.  I haven't owned a shirt with that and I like the idea of it for a lot of summer activities, especially fishing, where you want to make sure your polarizing sunglass are clean.

Check out the Vortex Sunslayer at Sportsman's Warehouse to pick up one for yourself.

Overall, in the handful of times I've worn the shirt, I only have a couple potential concerns.  One, is that the fabric may be a little warmer than some of the other sun shirts out there.  So far it hasn't been overly noticeable, but I do wonder about how it will compare on really hot days.  The other thing I will be watching is the overall durability.  I have another long sleeve from Vortex that I got several years ago and it has had some issues with the fabric pulling pretty easily when I catch it on something rough.  

Overall, like most of the products from Vortex Optics this shirt seems to be a good value for the money.  I will definitely continue to put it through the paces over the next few summers to see how it holds up and to protect myself from the sun.

Let me know in the comments below if you have used this shirt and what you think of it.

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