The frigid weather in Colorado the last couple weeks has kept many people inside, including me.  But don't dismiss this time of year as for staying inside only.    For those that don't like to be outside in the bitter cold you can try to plan an outdoor excursion during one of the warmer days between snows.  All of this snow that we have been getting would be great for breaking out a set of snow shoes if you have them.  If not, you can find a local outdoor store that rents them.  With fresh snow on the ground it would be easy to take to the trail along the front range.  There are many great parks out there within easy driving distance of the Denver Metro Area.  Several of them offer great views of the city as you start out and reward you with breathtaking views of the mountains once you get higher up.  Don't forget to take your camera too!  There are many great opportunities to photograph views that are unique in the winter.  Enjoy!


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