New Fish Finder- Humminbird 768

We recently decided to upgrade the very basic fish finder that was on our pontoon boat when we bought it.  We were finding that in deeper water, such as Blue Mesa Reservoir, we didn't have enough power to get a view of the bottom.

A trip to Bass Pro showed us that what we were wanting to spend was not going to give us a lot of options.  We didn't really want to spend $500 + as we felt like we couldn't justify it.  After looking awhile, the rep that was helping us mentioned that he did have a discontinued model that had been on sale before, the unit was a Humminbird 768 that normally lists for $500.  He honored their previous sale price, so we were able to get it for $200!  We will be installing it soon and I will try to write up a review of the unit when we do.

Let me know in the comment section below what fish finder you use and what you think of it.

Read my review here.
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