Reasons Why Everyone Should Hunt

I haven't really talked about hunting yet in this blog. Although I have hunted since I was young, I have concentrated more on just enjoying the outdoors and writing about the activities that more people enjoy, such as fishing, hiking and camping. Yet hunting is one of the most basic outdoor activities that man has done for centuries. I came across this very interesting article from American Hunter magazine. It outlines six very simple reasons about why hunting is good for you and for the ecosystem. Check out the link below to see the article, it should only take a couple minutes to read.

Six Reasons Everyone Should Hunt

Whether you are a hunter or not, I would definitely suggest you take a look at the article to understand some of the reasons people hunt.

Bow Hunter overlooking a valley, Tyler Baskfield, DOW
Let me know what you think about it in the comment section below. I'm curious if this explains either why you hunt, or if you don't hunt, are these six reasons something that you hadn't thought about?


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