Otterbox Defender for iPhone

I don't write a lot of review posts, as those don't seem to get a whole lot of traffic.  I recently made a couple YouTube videos about the Otterbox Defender case for iPhone.  I've been using one for a couple years on an iPhone 3GS.  The case has held up really well, much better than my previous case.  I've dropped it on the sidewalk a couple times and even in the snow, but the case has protected it from any harm.

I like the dual layered protection that you get with the Otterbox case.  It is a hard plastic case, which includes a screen protector.  Then you put a rubber case on top of the plastic.  This provides some extra impact protection and makes it easier to grip.

The only things I don't like about the case are the size of it (it's really bulky).  I also don't like that it seems like the screen always develops a "watermark" look.  There isn't much to do about the size of the case.  You could use the included belt clip to hold it, or you could carry it in a cargo pocket like I often do.  As for the watermark, I've found a couple short term solutions, but nothing permanent.

Here is a video about how to install the case:

Here is another video that explains how to remove the watermark.  It won't last forever, but it will help for a while and it will help keep your phone clean anyway:

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