SCUBA Diving at Aurora Reservoir

When looking at a lake, I've often wondered what was beneath the surface.  What does it really look like at depth?  I've use fish finders and fishing maps to get an idea of what the topography is like for different lakes that I've been to, but I've always wanted to see more.  

In 2012, I finally went out and got SCUBA certified.  While the training and certification could be a whole post, I wanted to share a dive at Aurora Reservoir.  While not the most glamorous place to go diving, Aurora Reservoir has a dedicated SCUBA beach and a plane that was intentionally sunk for divers.  Many of the local dive shops take their new divers to Aurora Reservoir to do their check out dives as a part of the final certification process.  

Below is a video from September of 2012.  Although the water is murky, there are still plenty of crayfish and even some bass to see.

One thing that surprised me at Aurora is the lack of underwater terrain features.  That could be part of the reason that the SCUBA beach was located where it is, but there is very little structure for fish to hide in.  The plants that are visible are in a band about twenty yards from the shore.

I plan to post more about SCUBA in the rocky mountains in the future.  It may not be as warm and vibrant as the tropics, but there is still a lot to see in our local lakes.  Where is your favorite place to dive in the rocky mountains?  Let me know in the comment section below.


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