Lures For Salmon Fishing

What are your favorite lures for salmon fishing?  I am far from a salmon fishing expert, but I love chasing Kokanee salmon in the Colorado reservoirs that have them. I've posted a little about it before Here.

The lures that have worked the best for me so far are the Rocky Mountain Tackle Company Assassin and Signature Squid series. I bought a few new colors for an upcoming trip.  I ordered directly from their website and they shipped quickly and they even threw in an extra lure.  The colors I picked to add are those pictured below:

I typically troll these behind lead core line and downriggers depending on the depths I'm fishing. My most productive colors in order have been pink, orange, chartreuse and green. For this trip I'm adding a few new variations to try. 

What are your favorite salmon lures?  Let me know in the comment section below.


Here is a video I added while I was down at Blue Mesa Reservoir.  It adds some additional info about the lures and methods we were using.


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