Sunset on Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park

At ten miles long and a mile wide, Lake McDonald is the largest lake in Glacier National Park.  The lake is an impressive 472 feet at it's deepest point.  This was one of the first points that we stopped at on our trip to Glacier.  For such a large, glacier fed lake, it was actually a fairly comfortable temperature for wading through the smooth small rocks along the shore.  As I set up to take some photos of the sun setting on Lake McDonald, my kids waded around in the water.

As you can see in the picture below, there was a lot of haze in the area due to numerous wildfires burning in Idaho and Montana during the summer of 2017.  We had also planned the trip near the end of July hoping to a avoid snow and potential bad weather while towing a camper from Colorado to Canada and back.  In hind sight, I think we should have gone a little earlier, probably around mid to late June.  I think we would have been able to see more snow on the mountains a little earlier in the summer.

Sunset on Lake McDonald- Glacier National Park
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Although there are fish in the lake, there are not a lot of nutrients in the water, so Lake McDonald is not a major destination for fishing.  We did see a couple people trying their luck with spinning gear, but I didn't see anyone get any bites.  On the west side of the lake, near where the above picture was taken, there is a national park service campground.

About 5 miles to the east is the historic Lake McDonald Lodge, which was built in 1913-1914.  Even if you aren't planning on staying at the lodge, it is worth walking through and checking out the gift shop to see the hunting lodge inspired architecture.

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