Future Content and the Direction of this Blog

When I first started this blog I wrote a mixture of posts on outdoor activities from hiking, fishing, photography and geocaching to shooting, hunting and gunsmithing posts.  I noticed that there was very different engagement from the readers that came for some of the hiking posts, to those that would read the firearms or hunting related posts.  I decided to split this blog, leaving the generic outdoor topics here and migrating the firearms and hunting related posts to http://theblackrifle.blogspot.com/ 

The second blog did okay, but hasn't received as much traffic as this blog seems to.  Over the last couple years I have found that I don't have a lot of time to write and post content, so I am torn as to which site I will post content to.  My interests lay in the middle, with a variety of outdoor pursuits that don't just focus on firearms or hiking/backpacking.  Those subjects can attract very different crowds, which are not always very positive towards each other. 

I don't consider myself a survivalist or prepper, but I would say that the totality of my interests and hobbies probably align more with that community or group that any other specific personality.  For example, I started to get into Ham radio as a way to have a communication option when I am backpack hunting elk in wilderness areas that have zero cell phone reception and very few other people around.  Those pursuits have encouraged me to get more into bicycling as a way to improve cardiovascular fitness, try Summits On the Air (SOTA), as a way to mix hiking and Ham radio and pursuing long range precision rifle competitions to increase the range I am comfortable taking a shot in a hunting scenario.

I have also noticed over the last couple years that many of the visits to this site and the sign-ups to my e-mail list are more spam related than actual individual readers that engage in the content.  I'm still interested in writing at least occasional content, but have decided that I want to merge this site and http://theblackrifle.blogspot.com/ back together to more accurately reflect my own personal interests and to make it easier to find the time to write without splitting interest between different sites.

If you are reading this and/or receiving this through the e-mail notifications and don't want to stick around, no hard feelings.  If you are interested in staying subscribed and continuing to read the articles that I write, please let me know what you want to see more of.  I have thought of a variety of topics, from hiking, backpacking, fishing, hunting, shooting, long range precision competition, radio communications and more that I have dabbled in over the last few years.  

I have several ideas of posts that I will write over the next few weeks and months, but I will also start bringing some of the posts from the Black Rifle blog over here so that more of the content is together in one place.  I will also look at the formatting of the site and will try to start updating it and maybe even move away from the basic Blogger formats that are so consistently used throughout the internet.

Let me know what you want to see and I will try to start generating more content that matches the interest of the readers of this site.


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