Christensen Arms MPR Hunting Rifle

A couple years ago I bought a new rifle to serve as a mix between a hunting rifle and a match rifle.  After getting used to AR-15 rifle ergonomics and bolt action rifles with chassis, I wanted something similar for a hunting rifle.  At the same time, it was important for me to be able to shoot with a suppressor while hunting or at the range.  In order to keep the weight down in a precision rifle that can support a suppressor, I knew that a carbon fiber barrel would be the best option.  After a lot of research on different rifles that were available or options for building my own, I decided to give the Christensen Arms Modern Precision Rifle, or MPR a chance.  This is a chassis style rifle with Christensen Arm's proprietary carbon fiber barrel, their own Remington 700 clone action and a Christensen Arms chassis made with aluminum and carbon fiber.  Check out the full review below: 

In the above review I had some issues with extraction and talk about Christensen Arms sending me a replacement extractor and spring.  I have replaced both and continued to use it, even taking an Antelope with the rifle in really dusty, dirty conditions.  So far I haven't had any more issues with extraction or ejection.  Check out the video on that below:

I bought my Christensen Arms MPR from Sportsman's Warehouse.  Use this link to check the rifle out:  I liked the rifle enough that I bought a second one in 6.5 PRC last year, which I’ve already used to take a cow elk and a mule deer buck.  I have the pair set up with the same model scope so they feel very similar, but the 6.5 Creedmoor vs 6.5 PRC gives me a couple options for different, but similar ballistics.

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