SwampFox Slide Assembly

Welcome to the third post in this series.  It's time to assemble the slide and put this gun together.  Previously we finished the Lone Wolf Lower, installed the parts kit and now we will take a SwampFox slide and put it together with a Brownells Glock completion kit.  If you want to see the other posts in the series, check them out below:

This will not be a super detailed assembly post.  If you need to know the entire process, I suggest looking up a complete build as this is my first attempt at building a Glock clone.  I chose a Swampfox Wolverine slide for a couple different reasons.  I have been running a Glock 17 MOS with an RMR for several years now and wanted to stay with a red dot option.  I also wanted to try running the red dot with the iron sights in front of the optic.  The Wolverine slide was a decent price, had the sights in front of the dot and came with a set of fiber optic suppressor height sights.  And with a discount through ExpertVoice it was a really competitive price.

With Brownells Glock parts kit laid out, I started the process of putting the slide together.  Take a look at the photo below.  It shows the firing pin, spring and extractor spring pieces lined up for assembly.

Below is the installation of the firing pin safety and spring.  The spring should be facing the top of the slide, which in this photo is down on the table.

Next, while holding the firing pin safety down, the extractor can be installed and should be held in place with the firing pin safety.

Next install the parts for the extractor spring and firing pin.  See the photo previously that showed the order of the parts, also below is the black plastic spacer pictured below.

With everything aligned and installed as shown above, insert the slide plate as picture below.  You will have to press the springs in as you move the plate, but it is a pretty easy process.

Once you have those pieces installed you just have to install the sights and put in the barrel and recoil spring just like a normal field strip and re-assembly.  I forgot to take photos of the sight assembly.  Ideally you would use a sight pusher to install the rear sight properly.  The Swampfox and some other sights come with an aluminum tool that allows you to gently tap the sight into place.  In this build I used a SilencerCO threaded barrel from Brownells and replaced the plastic recoil spring that came with the parts kit for a Lone Wolf Stainless Guide Rod.  For magazines I bought a handful of the Glock GL9 Glock magazines.  Finally, the pistol is topped with a Holosun 507c X2 to take advantage of the RMR footprint, but at a little lower price point.

Now that the pistol is all set up, the next post in this series will talk about shooting and running the gun.  And as a spoiler, there were some issues that came up...


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