ATF Ruling on Braces 2023

On January 13, 2023 the DOJ submitted a final ruling on pistol braces providing a reversal on previous decision defining pistols with braces as still a pistol.  The new ruling will cause millions of pistols to be considered Short Barreled Rifles unless the firearm is modified with a longer barrel, the brace removed, or registered as a Short Barrel Rifle (SBR).

While the average gun owner has 120 days to make the modifications, or register the firearm as an SBR, there have been significant concerns that this is potential first step towards a national firearms registry.

While this blog has generally steered away from the politics of the anti second amendment agenda, it is important that gun owners are aware of this new rule change and how it may affect the firearms that in your safe.  While I do own two SBRs, it knowingly registered those to build a specific firearm.  In stark contrast, millions of gun owners have purchased firearms with pistol braces with the understanding that the ATF has recognized those guns as pistols.  

I highly suggest you stay up to date on this topic if you own braces, or even if you are just concerned with the precedent that this change will set.  Check out SilencerShop and the link below to follow their discussion of the rule change and the potential SBR registration if you choose to follow that route.

You can also take action through the Firearms Policy Coalition.  They have set up a contact page that will let you contact your local senators and representatives.  You can find their contact form here:

 Let me know what you think of the ruling the comment section below:


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