Supporting the Fight Against the ATF Rule on Pistol Braces

FRAC Files Federal Suit on pistol braces

Since posting a couple weeks ago about the ATF's pistol brace ruling, several organizations have started fighting back through legal action against the ATF.  See the photo to the left for one example from the Firearms Regulatory Accountability Coalition. 

I received an e-mail from Palmetto State Armory a few days ago that was sent out to each of their prior customers.  They have come out with a stripped AR-15 lower with a brace etched into the design.  They have stated that they will donate $10 to the FRAC for each of these lowers that sold.  As of February 17th, the lowers were in stock and $60, which isn't a bad price for a stripped lower, especially if it will help protect our 2nd Amendment rights.  You can pick up the lower here: Palmetto Brace-15 Lower

I would definitely consider finding a way to help support our rights.  Whether you use a pistol brace or not, every time we lose access to a firearm component it is a step down a slippery slope that could end in confiscation.  

Palmetto Brace-15 Lower


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