Home-made Fishing Pole Float

When my family and I went to Chatfield Reservoir the last time, my son accidentally threw his fishing pole over the boat.  It was an inexpensive "Cars" pole that supposedly floats.  Well, over the couple years that he used it, the floating handle cracked.  When the pole went over the edge of the boat it slowly sunk as the air drained from the handle.  I tried to hook it with my lure, but couldn't get it fast enough.

That whole experience made me think of a fishing pole float that I had seen advertised in some catalog, but I couldn't remember where.  Since we are going to Blue Mesa Reservoir tomorrow, I figured I would try to make my own fishing pole float for the kids.

I started by buying a simple children's float tube from the dollar store.  I cut it down to fit between the reel and the first guide.
Cutting the foam to length

With a piece of the tube cut down to fit on the rode I sliced a line through the tube allowing it to go around the pole.  I also shaved one side of it flat to allow clearance for the fishing line.  You can see in the photo below that it wasn't the fanciest work.

Shaving one side for the fishing line.

Below is the final product.  I used some packing tape to secure the float around the pole.

The finished fishing pole float

My concern is whether or not the float will fully support the fishing pole in the water.  Before we head out on the boat at Blue Mesa, we will test the float in a shallower area.  

Have any of you made or tried a fishing pole float?  What were your thoughts about it?  I'll make sure to update with how it works when we get back.

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