Green Mountain Reservoir And The Humminbird 768

Yesterday, my dad and I got a chance to fish Green Mountain Reservoir.  Green Mountain Reservoir is located west of Silverthorne, not too far from Dillon Reservoir.  Unlike Dillon Reservoir though, Green Mountain Reservoir is not just known for sailing and boating, but also for fishing.  Offering Lake Trout, Rainbow and Brown Trout, as well as Kokanee Salmon, Green Mountain Reservoir has a lot to offer the angler.

As I mentioned in my Dillon And Bust post, we had problems getting out boat started when we had arrived at Dillon Reservoir last week.  We had figured out the problem and were ready to try again.  When we got to Green Mountain Reservoir, there was no one else at the ramp and we were ready to give it a try.  Fortunately the boat fired up right away and we were out on the water in no time.

We trolled from the McDonald Flats campground west towards the dam.  We caught a few Lake Trout as we trolled over the old river channel.  As we got further to the west we tried jigging in the deeper water, but that was quite unsuccessful.  We also tried anchoring and casting in the shallower sections in the north west part of the lake, that was also unsuccessful.

An Orange/Purple Squid, great for Salmon
We figured we would start trolling again where we had caught the fish earlier.  That turned out to be a great idea.  From about 2:30 to 4:30 in the afternoon we caught about 14 more fish in the same area.  We would mark fish using our new Humminbird 768 then make multiple passes using the down rigger and lead core line.  We found one of the best combinations was a gold/blue dodger with an orange/purple squid on the lead core.  We also did well with a silver dodger with a gold/chartreuse Kastmaster.

In total we caught 17 Lake Trout, all between 13-16 inches.  We also caught one Kokanee Salmon on the squid.  While we would have certainly enjoyed catching a couple larger fish, it wasn't meant to be.  The Lake Trout and Salmon that we got were all between about 25-50 feet down, in the deeper parts of the lake tried fishing the down rigger down to about 120 feet and jigging from 80-200 feet down.  The deeper depths didn't produce anything.

Not a big Lake Trout, but quantity beat size
Overall, we were excited with the catch, especially since we had never been to the reservoir before.  Thanks to the Fishexplorer forums, a Fish-n Map and the Humminbird fish finder giving us accurate information, we felt like we did well.  I didn't want to make this post too long, so I will write more about the fish finder in a later post, I will also post some more information on Green Mountain Reservoir, just like I have done for some of the other lakes.  Until then, keep fishing and check back soon for more posts!

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