Looking For Feedback

I started Adventure Colorado over six months ago now.  I've enjoyed writing about some of my fishing trips and hopefully teaching others a little about Trolling With Lead Core, or other topics.  In fact, my lead core posts are some of my most read posts, being popular with search results on Google.  If you Google "Trolling With Lead Core" I should be on the first page of search results.

Blogger lets me see when I get views and certain information, such as country of origin, or if some one clicked on a link to my blog, what site had the link.  But I'm curious to know more about my readership.  For instance, I get fairly regular views from France, is it the same viewer?  If so, do you find this blog useful?

I would love to get more feedback about what you like or don't like about the blog.  Please leave comments in the comment section after each post, or feel free to email me at: adventurecolorado @ gmail.com (remove the spaces).  Although I originally intended to write more about subjects such as photography, backpacking, etc.  So far I have found that I have received the most views on fishing topics, therefore I have written more about fishing.

Are there any topics that you would like to see more of?
Would you like to see new topics?  If so, what?

With your input we'll continue to create a blog that will not only be interesting to read, but it will be a great resource for Adventure in Colorado!


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