Green Mountain Reservoir

Green Mountain Reservoir is located in north of Silverthorne 16 miles along Highway 9.  Although many people are more likely to recognize Dillon Reservoir because of its location near I-70, Green Mountain Reservoir is a popular location for those looking to enjoy fishing and water contact sports.  Green Mountain Reservoir offers over 2100 surface acres of water when it is full and has plenty of opportunites for boating, camping and fishing.

Green Mountain Reservoir serves as a storage location for water that is sent to Denver from Dillon Reservoir.  As Denver draws more water, more water is released from Green Mountain Reservoir to end up eventually in the Colorado River, providing steadier water flows to states down river.  As a result water levels in Green Mountain can fluctuate widely.  While not as big of an issue for shore fisherman, make sure that if you will be boating at the reservoir that you have a quality map with you.  When the water is down, watch out for rocks and other submerged hazards, especially in the shallower north west end of the lake.

Green Mountian offers fishing opportunites for Rainbow and Brown Trout, Lake Trout and Kokanee Salmon.  My dad and I made a trip shortly before this post and caught 17 Lake Trout and 1 Kokanee, most of them in about a two hour period of time.  You can read that trip report here.

The Town of Heeney and Green Mountain Reservoir

2123 Surface Acres of Water
Boat Ramps- Heeney and McDonald Flats
Marina that offer boat rentals and tackle
Rental slips on the water
Public docks near the town of Dillon for parking, picnic area
Fishing for the following species:
Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Cutthroat Trout, Kokanee Salmon, Lake Trout
Multiple campgrounds located around the lake.
The lake is free to use, camping and parking may have associated fees.


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