How To Fish

I was doing some research on fishing topics and discovered "How To Fish" is a frequently searched subject on Google.  I was a little surprised by that, I have used the Internet to look for tips and tricks to improve my fishing, but I hadn't thought of people actually learning how to fish online.

I suppose I was fortunate to have family that enjoyed the outdoors and taught me how to fish at a young age.  I grew up going camping near the water and frequently trying to catch the stocked Rainbows at many of the Colorado lakes and reservoirs.   I started learning how to tie fishing knots, select lures and even how to thread a worm.  As I grew older I sought to add to that knowledge and experience by trying new things.  I have learned how to fly fish, use lead core and downriggers.  I have traveled to lakes, such as Blue Mesa Reservoir, specifically trying to catch a new species of fish (that trip was for Kokanee Salmon).

Artic Greyling in Alaska

But seeing the amount of searches for "How To Fish," made me think that there are a lot of people out there who either never had the opportunity to learn how to fish, or maybe they learned it as a child and haven't used it since.  Either way, they recognize that millions of people enjoy getting out on the water and trying to catch fish.  They simply want to know how to get started.  I can understand that it would be intimidating or frustrating to walk into a store, such as Bass Pro, and try to pick out a rod and reel without knowing a lot about them.  The selections is huge and without knowing what style reel to pick, or what lures and baits you will need for your local waters, it might be easier to just walk away without choosing anything.

Lake Trout at Green Mountain Reservoir

If you are reading this and you are just trying to learn how to fish, don't give up.  Try to find a friend or family member that can take you out to a local lake or stream.  You will learn much faster trying the techniques in person, with someone that knows what they're doing, rather than trying to read about it online.  Maybe you can go with a couple different friends, that way you can try different types of reels, baitcasters, spinners, etc.  Then when you decide to go into the sporting good store to pick out a rod and reel you will have an idea of what is more comfortable for you.

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