Colorado Parks and Wildlife's YouTube Channel

I was perusing through the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website recently looking for news and interesting articles and found out that Parks and Wildlife actually has their own YouTube channel.

They post a new video approximately each month and the videos focus on fly fishing specific area with specific tips on how to fish effectively.  Most of the videos are fairly short, but I like the fact that they are posting videos that are area specific.  I have searched a lot for videos and articles specific to catching specific species of fish in specific mountain lakes her in Colorado.  It seems hard to find many quality videos on some of the mountain lakes.  Hopefully this channel will continue to grow and they will start adding longer, instructional videos.

Here is a link to their channel:

I'm not much of a fly fisher, most of the time I fly fish alpine lakes while backpacking and hiking.  Below is a picture of a small cutthroat that I caught at Rocky Mountain National Park.

I've been playing around with my GoPro HD Hero 2 recently and made a short video of fly fishing on the Taylor River, above Taylor Reservoir.  I caught a couple small brown trout with dry flies.  It reminded me how much I enjoy fly fishing mountain rivers and made me want to get back out as soon as I could.

What are your favorite informational YouTube channels?  Let me know in the comment section below:


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