Crater Lakes Sunrise

One of my favorite areas to hike and backpack is by Moffat Tunnel, near Rollinsville.  The trails in the area are not as long, or remote as other parts of Colorado, but it is easy to access from the Denver metro area and makes a great destination when you are short on time.  I have spent many nights listening to the trains that approach Moffat Tunnel.

Above Moffat Tunnel are four small lakes that make up Crater Lakes.  When I only have time for a short backpacking trip, Crater Lakes is on my short list.  I typically bring my fly rod and catch small Brook Trout from the lakes.  The crystal clear water makes it easy to see the fish approach and take your fly.

This photo was taken one morning from the bank of the larger of the two middle lakes.  You might even recognize it as the photo from the top of this blog.  It always reminds me of the solitude and calm of waking up in the wilderness.

Crater Lakes Sunrise by Luke Parr (rockymountainadventure)) on
Crater Lakes Sunrise by Luke Parr


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